This program provides training in skin treatments teaching students the skin analysis and facial techniques to maintain the skin health with the proper cleansing methods, massage, and the use of machines for deep cleansing. Theory classes and hands-on practical applications give the students knowledge and experience to gain entry level employment in the skin care field. Upon completion of this program a diploma will be awarded and graduates will qualify to apply for State Registration as a Facial Specialist.


This program consisting of 192.5 hours of theory and 67.5 hours of applied practical training. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program


Academic Instruction
260 Clock Hrs (13 weeks) (4 months)



Registration fee$150.00

Kit & Lab$850.00

School T-Shirt$25.00

Cost of Attendance$3,355.00

FSP010 Florida State and Regulations5
HIV101 HIV/AIDS Training4
FSP120 Bacteriology, Sterilization, Hygiene and Sanitation10
FSP130 Chemistry, Product and Product Safety8
FSP135 Basic Electricity, Lighting and Magnification8
FSP145 Skin Theory, Basic Dermatology, Skin Disorders and Skin Diseases85
FSP150 Basic Facial and Treatments, Consultation, Contraindications66
FSP155 Hair Growth, Removal and Waxing2 . 5
FSP160 Make-Up Application and Cosmetology Treatments2
FSP165 Professionalism, Ethics and Salon Management2
FSP170 Applied Clinical Training (100 Services)67.5100
Total Clock Hours 260192.567.5100


FSP010 Florida State Law & Regulations

The study of Florida state laws regulating the field and practice of skin care set by the Department of Professional Regulations. (Prerequisite: None)

HIV101 HIV/AIDS Training

The study of the law, awareness, and precautions for the prevention of HIV/ AIDS transmission and other bloodborne pathogens.

FSP120 Bacteriology, Sterilization, Hygiene and Sanitation

This course teaches students about bacteria and how to prevent the spread of disease including the proper methods of sterilization and hygiene. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP130 Chemistry, Products, and Product Safety

This course instructs student on the effects of cosmetics and skin care products on the skin. Basic chemistry is fundamental in choosing the correct products for each client’s skin type. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP135 Basic of Electricity, Lighting and Magnification

The proper use and measurement of electricity in working with the skin are examined. Students will be taught polarity and the different types of current used in skin care. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP145 Skin Theory, Basic Dermatology, Skin Disorders, and Skin Disease

Students will be instructed in the knowledge of skin disorders and diseases and the analysis and treatment of these disorders. Before performing services or selecting products, the client’s skin type and conditions must be analyzed and appropriate treatment determined. This course includes the study of the structure and composition of the tissue as well as the study of function of the skin. Students will be instructed in the effects that each service performed will have on the client’s skin. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP150 Basic Facials and Treatments, Consultations, Contraindication

The basic facial treatment protocol is studied in this course including the general routine and alternate methods depending on the client’s needs. Students will be instructed in preparing the client pre and post-treatment. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP155 Hair growth, Removal, and Waxing

This course teaches students the hair growth cycle and methods of removing unwanted hair. Safety precautions are studied for each method of hair removal. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP160 Make-up Application and Cosmetology Treatments

Students will learn the different types of cosmetics and the proper application including color selection. The student will be trained in the identification of different facial types and the procedures for corrective makeup. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP165 Professionalism, Ethics, and Salon Management

Students will be introduced to the requirements and regulations for starting and/or managing a business in skin care. Professional ethics and integrity are discussed and regulations and office procedures are reviewed. (Prerequisite: None)

FSP170 Applied Clinical Training (100 services)

Students will practice practical hands-on applications of all subjects taught in program on fellow students and clients. (Prerequisite: All didactic courses)