320 HOURS – 16 WEEKS


The program is designed to train students in permanent hair removal by electrology. The courses are designed to give the students a thorough entry-level preparation to work in the field of electrology. The modern short wave, blend, and galvanic methods are taught in small classes and students gain hands-on
experience through clinical applications. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates may apply for the state licensing exam and the national certification testing. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program.


This program consisting of 120 hours of theory and 200 hours of applied practical training. A diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the program. This will give you all you need to skillfully and securely perform laser procedures. Students will learn the physical processes behind laser and light therapy in order to be qualified to perform laser treatments using any machine in any setting. Topics covered include hair anatomy and growth, skin physiology and histology, disorders and diseases, laser and light modalities, client selection and more.


Academic Instruction
320 Clock Hrs (16 weeks) (4 months)


Books, Lab & T-Shirt$875.00

Registration fee$150.00

Other Costs$0.00

Cost of Attendance$5,205.00

HIV102 Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Electrology:
ELE110 Introduction to Electrology and History of Hair
ELE115 Florida State Law & Regulations Governing
ELE120 Basic Electricity and Chemistry for Electrology,
Equipment, Techniques, and Procedures
ELE130 Bacteriology, Sanitation, and Sterilization7
ELE135 Integumentary System6
ELE140 Circulatory System6
ELE145 Endocrine System and Diseases of the
ELE150 Biology of Hair Growth and Disorders10
ELE155 Skin Assessment, Skin Type, Effect of all
Modalities of Temporary Hair Removal
ELE160 Consultations, Medical History, Contraindications
and Complications
ELE165 Clinic and Office Management, Ethics,
Bookkeeping and Patient Management
ELE 170 Laser and light-based hair removal physics5
ELE 171 Laser safety and precautions5
ELE175 Clinical Applications & Lab Hours (200
Total Clock Hours 32012020075


HIV102 Bloodborne Pathogens Training HIV/AIDS

The study of the growth and transmission of the AIDS virus, legal and ethical implications for client care, and prevention of diseases by blood borne pathogens. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE110 Introduction to Electrology and History of Hair Removal

This course explores the basic concepts of electrology including the types of current used, procedures for temporary hair removal, and the development of hair removal techniques in ancient and present times. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE115 Florida State Laws and Regulations Governing Electrology

Students are instructed in the rules and regulations set by the State of Florida and the other governing bodies to include Electrolysis standards, training, and licensure. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE120 Basic Electricity and Chemistry for Electrology, Equipment, Techniques, and Procedures

This course introduces students to the sources and types of electricity, the three modalities used in electrology, the types of equipment and safety precautions for the Electrologist. Additionally students will be instructed in electrical and chemical effects on the skin. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE130 Bacteriology, Sanitation, and Sterilization

Students will learn different types of bacteria, bacterial growth and symptoms of bacterial infections. They will learn all the approved methods of sterilization, types of disinfectant agents used in Electrology facilities, and the precautions related to
sterilization and sanitation. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE135 Integumentary Systems

Students will learn the structure and function of hair and skin relating to Electrology and histology of the follicle and associated organs. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE140 Circulatory Systems

Students will be instructed in the primary function of the vascular and circulatory systems and in the maintenance of good health. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE145 Endocrine Systems and Diseases of the Glands

Students will learn the elements of the endocrine system and the glands which cause excess hair growth, types of glandular disease, and the effects of hormonal changes on hair growth. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE150 Biology of Hair Growth and Disorders

This course details the biological makeup of hair follicles
and their development. Students will explore dermatology and skin disorders. Students will learn to recognize abnormal skin conditions and suggest appropriate treatment options. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE155 Skin Assessment and Temporary Hair Removal

Students will learn to analyze skin and differentiate skin types and assess the effects of temporary hair removal to apply proper treatment procedures and machine settings. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE160 Consultations

This course teaches students the professional aspects of personal and phone consultations regarding assessment, contraindications, supplying information essential to the client’s informed consent and providing a clean and relaxed atmosphere conducive to the client’s overall comfort. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE165 Successful Business Management

Students will be introduced to the requirements and regulations
for starting and/or managing an electrology clinic. Professional ethics and integrity are discussed and regulations and office procedures are reviewed. (Prerequisite: None)

ELE175 Clinical Applications & Lab Hours

Coordination Skills with probe holder and forceps (5 hrs),
Insertions (15 hrs), Sanitation / Sterilization procedures (10 hrs), Hands on equipment instruction (Galvanic) (5 hrs), Hands on equipment instruction (Thermolysis)(5 hrs), Hands on equipment instruction (Blend) (5 hrs), Client Pre/Post treatment (5 hrs), Client Assessment (10 hrs), General Treatment Procedures (105 hrs), Consultation (15), Visuals/Library (10hrs), Review/Exam Preparation (10 hrs)